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                                Gain deep insights into any area of interest - down to a city block, with stunning visualizations and built-in data. Reinforce your decisions with reliable and accurate location data.

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                                We created Social Explorer to empower decision-makers, researchers, educators, students, urban planners, real estate specialists and retail professionals. Now, anyone can create data maps and perform location analysis, quickly and easily.

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                                Social Explorer is a tremendous time-saver. It’s like having a demographer, a data designer and a GIS guru all in one.
                                Peter, Data Analyst, FedEx
                                Map visualization of coffee shops in Winter Garden Village, FL. Map visualization of coffee shops in Winter Garden Village, FL.


                                We’ve combined robust data with cutting-edge technology to ensure Social Explorer has everything you need in one place. And we gave it all an easy-to-use interface that will make you a master of our data - and your own. You’ll access, analyze and visualize data, uncover insights and share them with others. Simply.

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                                Map thousands of built-in data indicators with a click of a mouse. Create eye-catching visualizations that support your message and strengthen your analysis. Social Explorer comes with built-in, up- to-date data on demography, economy, education, land-use, environment, business, crime, health and much more.

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